Youtube Comments

It’s a video of a fantastic japanese kid playing football with his amazing skill. But it is not the video that i would like to share to you. It’s something below the video page: The comments. The truth is I love to see this kind of unique videos that can put a smile or laugh at you. But sometimes i found my self laughing at the stupid and funny comments that were given by the viewers.  regarding to every videos the watched, how they react in words or phrase… i think those people on the internet really have many cool idioms, catchy phrase that just hillarious for me to read. I found this interesting.

Anyway these are some of the comments that i found funny on this video.

Captain Tsubasa’s game track -2 days ago

He has to stop eating Mario’s mushrooms -1 week ago

Insane!! This is sooooooo inhuman!!!!! -1 week ago

Where is the japanese Puyol boy when you need him ? -3 months ago

He may be skillfull but nothing can change the fact he’s always going to have a small penis -1 week ago

I will warship this kid from now to the future! -1 week ago

Bet everyone on his team hates him -2 weeks ago

Who ever knew a chink could dribble that well -2 weeks ago

Kid better look after his backside because once wenger sees this hes gonna be in trouble -2 weeks ago 3

He even dribbles his own team mates -2 weeks ago

Pretty nippy -2 weeks ago 2 

HE IS IN BANKAI MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!! -3 weeks ago 

The new Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Oozora)??? -3 weeks ago

Pass the f***ing ball! -3 weeks ago

What is up with these asians? They’ll soon take over the world, u’ll c. -3 weeks ago 

What’s the title of this music track? I need to know because I want to track down whoever it was who made it and slap them -4 weeks ago 19 

Dont blame him the pass button dosnt work :)))) -1 month ago

Maruuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk -1 month ago

Thats it barca have started a messi cloning project this must be stopped…-1 month ago

CAPTAIN TSUBASA! -1 month ago

Pretty sure he is a ninja. only instead of a sword they gave him a soccer ball lol – 1 month ago

Serem tenan nek iki.. asuuuuuuuuuuu -.-  -3 months ago

From what i can hear (music) and see, he is almost definitely a Pokemon -3 months ago

That must be goku!! -3 months ago 5 

If this Video gets dislikes … I will shit bricks! -4 months ago


hahaha i think these kind of comments that makes youtube as interesting as today.

Always love Youtube’s Comments.


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